Our Business

As a private investment firm, ECP has a diverse investment portfolio. We have extensive experience investing in high-potential businesses in frontier and emerging markets. Our acknowledged investment track record includes various industries such as real estate development, oil and gas and other.

We focus on acquiring significant ownership positions in small cap businesses where long-term value can be enhanced by implementing strategic improvements to continue to drive growth after acquisition. Moreover, we aim to identify trends and investment opportunities in promising business sectors and markets.

Business decisions are constantly subject to changes and developments in economic life. Thus, our clients are confronted by challenging tasks on a daily basis. We offer a broad range of consulting services provided by the best experts to meet our clients’ demands.

Our service is characterized by an accurate and result-driven approach. Moreover, clients benefit from our broad experience and profound expertise, whilst enjoying our utmost discretion and care. We strongly believe that our hard work, flexibility and creativity are key factors to the success of our clients.

Needs and challenges may differ, but family mostly plays a major role in our clients’ lives.  At ECP we value our strong client relationships. We understand that trust is essential to every partnership and we pride ourselves in our reputation for reliability, which has become our trademark.

By our committing and proactive approach we advise on ways to protect family wealth including how to guard against various risks. We evaluate best strategies for our clients and take preventative measures to ensure that family wealth is secured and transitioned effectively to the next generation.

Blockchain is being considered as the most disruptive technology in decades. Adoption is expected to be steady as the changes it brings gain increasing momentum in the world of technology. The economic potential of this digital transformation has shown in form of digital currencies. ECP therefore invests in selected large to small cap cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink among other promising cryptocurrencies with use cases for the real world.

Additionally, ECP has launched its exclusive full-set cryptocurrency concierge service – Coinporter. This service aims to personally guide its clients in acquiring Bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies, to educate on blockchain technology and to provide associated consulting services.

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Our Firm

ECP is a privately owned and managed investment and business consulting firm. Headquartered in the center of Europe, Austria, ECP has a strong presence in CEE and CIS countries. Originally concentrated on its core investment business, ECP has continuously expanded its service offering to meet the increasingly complex needs of its clients. We serve the most sophisticated individuals and entities with extensive expertise in M&A, investment management, multi-family office services and comprehensive business consulting. Our success is driven by hard work, creativity, flexibility and reliability. Moreover, we take a personal approach to doing business and the clients’ best interests at the core of everything we do.

Cooperation Offices

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vaduz, Liechtenstei

Recent Awards

ECP was awarded as the “Best Frontier and Emerging Markets Investor Europe” in 2022 by the Wealth and Finance International Magazine (UK).


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